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The cover of the first volume of Naruto
Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto
Number of Chapters Currently 700
Number of Volumes Currently 52
Original Run November 1997-November 2014
Official Wikia Narutopedia
Genre Action, Fantasy, Adventure
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The Japanese logo for the series.

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The English logo for Naruto without the Japanese in the bottom right hand corner. "SHONEN JUMP" or "SHONEN JUMP'S" is occasionally placed at the top.

Naruto (Japanese: NARUTO—ナルト—) is a manga series from the Jump manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump. The manga started on November 1999 and is current being serialized in the weekly magazine. It has been adapted into English in the February 2003 issue of Shonen Jump. It also has an ongoing anime series and several movies. Naruto is a fantasy about ninjas defeating enemies. Naruto stars Naruto Uzumaki, a boy sealed with a terrible beast. Since its publication, Naruto has remained one of the more popular manga.


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The story of Naruto begins with the birth of the boy named Naruto Uzumaki. His father is the Forth Hokage, a rank much like the leader of the clan. During the last of his time, he seals his newborn child the Nine Tailed Fox, who wreaked havoc to the village of Konoha. As Naruto grows up, his peers and teacher disregards him as a human-being, and instead regards him as the Nine Tailed Fox itself. Naruto, however, does not know that he has the Nine Tailed Fox sealed in him, nor the status of his parents. Naruto's goal is to become the Hokage himself though. But due to the disrespect, Naruto becomes a troublemaker to the village, but it is only an attempt to gain attention. In his classes, Naruto and his peers study the art of Jutsu. Naruto often clowns around with the teacher, Iruka Umino, and performs silly jutsu. Due to the seal of the fox, Naruto cannot flow chakra correctly. Naruto flunks the graduation every time, in this case, he does it again. That night, the student teacher, Mizuki tells Naruto to steal a forbidden scroll written by the First Hokage, and allows him to graduate if he could. He is stopped by his teacher, and later Mizuki himself and tells Naruto that he is the body of the Nine Tail Fox, and Iruka doesn't care about him. Naruto finds out that he lied and beats him up with his new Jutsu that he learned from the scroll, the hardest jutsu that Naruto could perform, Shadow Clone Jutsu. Iruka approaches Naruto and graduates him for learning the hard jutsu.

When Naruto becomes a official ninja, he befriends his two peers, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha, and his teacher (or sensei) Kakashi Hatake. They complete missions, and eventually become stronger. Throughout the story, the relationship between the three and their sensei improves. Naruto meets new friends, and progresses in his dream to become Hokage.

After completing many missions, Kakashi allows the three to participate in a ninja exam that would improve their reputation. During this exam, an enemy, by the name of Orochimaru slowly convinces Sasuke to go to the path of evil. Orochimaru also kills the Third Hokage. This makes his fellow teammate, Jiraya team up with Naruto to find the next Hokage. Sasuke, later on is convinced and joins up with Orochimaru, seeking power to destroy no other than his brother, Itachi, who destroyed his own clan leaving Sasuke the only one alive. In truth, Orochimaru only wants Sasuke's inherited power. Naruto sets out on a team, but ultimately fails. Naruto leaves on a three year training period to later defeat Sasuke.

During Naruto's training, an organization named the "Akatsuki" begins its operation collecting tailed beasts. When Naruto returns, he is hunted down by the members, notably Itachi. Naruto's friends defeats most of the members, while looking for Sasuke. In vain, the Akatsuki collects seven beasts. In the other hand, Sasuke betrays Orochimaru and absorbs him. He later kills Itachi, but is shocked by the truth that the village commanded Itachi to. Naruto ultimately defeats the leader, Pain, by convincing him to leave. However, the rest of the members, notably "Tobi" reveals their plan to control the world with the beasts.

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